• R.C. Greer

    R.C. is a local of Northeast Georgia, and has been fishing from the time he could hold a rod. Being a local, he has fished these streams all of his life. He is studying business, very involved in the community, … Continued

  • John Rice A photo of John Rice

    Ever since John was old enough to ride his bicycle to the local pond after school, he has pursued his love of fishing. “Guiding is teaching,John says,“and on trophy catch and release waters, like Blackhawk, what you learn is what … Continued

  • Wil Hammond

    Wil Hammond has grown up loving the sport of flyfishing. He was part of the Intern program at Blackhawk from Spartanburg Upper Day School 8 years ago and he is now a part of the Blackhawk Family. You will enjoy … Continued

  • Greg Grover

      Greg Grover has a love for teaching. He has taught professional tennis all his life and now you can find him guiding here at Blackhawk. We are so happy he is a part of our program.

  • Richie Sokolowski

    Richie Sokolowski is a graduate of the University of Georgia and has been fishing the rivers, creeks, and lakes of North Georgia since he could walk. When he is not fishing for trout on the fly, you can find him … Continued

Eli Crumley has a passion to teach and loves being out on the waters @ Blackhawk! If you are a beginner you will have a FUN time with Eli.

Meet our newest guide Matt Dorsey 

Matt has been flyfishing for many years and he loves to reel BIG fish in @ Blackhawk. He also likes to compete in tournaments so beware of his capibilities because he is known to WIN!

Andrew has joined Blackhawk

Welcome to Blackhawk “Andrew Reese”! Andrew is a graduate of the University of West Georgia. He has been fishing the streams and rivers of North Georgia for 20

years. Fishing for Andrew has never been about the catch, but rather the release. Andrew also has experience fishing in Alaska, the Atlantic Coast, and many lakes in

Georgia. He enjoys giving back to the community through working with youth and teaching Sunday School at his church. If you are new to flyfishing or looking to hone your skills

on the river, Andrew is your guide.