Meet Jake Riley

Jake loves the outdoors and the adventures of flyfishing.

Meet Gavin Guest

Gavin was raised fishing for trout in North Georgia, and now he’s flyfishing all around in both fresh and saltwater. He loves the outdoors and is passionate about teaching and helping others enjoy the sport of flyfishing. Come spend a day at Blackhawk with Gavin!

Meet Otis Budd

Otis grew up in the  North Georgia mountains fishing for bass.
He loves flyfishing at Blackhawk because he is fulfilling his dreams
by teaching others how to fish. He is very patient and kind and loves being around nature.

Meet Jack Keomany

Jack grew up in North Georgia fishing the lakes and has a wealth of knowledge.
He is very patient whether he’s with his kids, friends or strangers he is always having a great time.
Jack is knowledgeable about various fishing techniques that allows him to accommodate everyone.
He loves tying his own flies and sharing his passion for fly fishing with others!


BAKER is an all time natural at catching fish.
He loves tying flies and putting them to work on the waters @ Blackhawk.
He is very gifted with patience and he loves to teach so if you want to
learn how to flyfish BAKER is your MAN!


REECE is my dedicated man that loves to flyfish and he has a way of getting thing done right. He makes our Blackhawk customers feel right at home and they love spending the day with him. His love for the sport is unmeasurable but his results are and we love having him a part of the Blackhawk family.


A photo of Andy Brackett with another fisherman

Andy has 56 years of flyfishing experience and has been a guide at Blackhawk for 14 years. His knowledge is impeccable and he loves to share stories and jokes so if you like entertainment on the waters at Blackhawk he’s your man.

Meet Mason Biggers

Mason Grew up fishing in the North Georgia Mountains for trout. He loves being in the outdoors and sharing his passion of flyfishing with others. putting. Come spend a day with Mason and you will not only be catching fish but a few laughs along the way.


Doug Martin has a passion to teach and catch fish. He has been flinging flies at trout for many years and continues to do so. He is now retired from dentistry and he wants to pass on his love and knowledge to others and most of all have FUN! 


Lorenzo Wuest has been flyfishing over 6 years and is currently a junior at UGA. He loves to teach the sport to others and loves being a part of the Blackhawk TEAM!