Blackhawk provides private fishing along approximately two miles of the spring creek fed waters of the Soque River as it runs through Batesville, Georgia from the Blue Ridge Mountains. This private stream provides a perfect haven for both trout and anglers alike with strong runs of rapids, deep pools and slow flowing lanes over sand and rock bottom. The multitude of fishing sections provide various casting scenarios from roll casting to full backcasts, permitting the novice angler opportunities for good presentations and challenging the experienced caster’s abilities.

In order to handle big trout in tight areas Blackhawk recommends our anglers use a 5 wt or preferably a 6 wt rod because we use 2x and 3x leaders. Hip waders are sufficient for navigating the stream, but most guests do well with waist or chest waders till the warmer spring weather permits wet wading. Please use felt bottom waders and shoes, rubber bottoms are slick on the rocks.

The fish take flies of all types and appreciate a variety of presentations. Streamers, nymphs and dry flies can catch fish; water color and hatch conditions typically determine the “fly of the day”. All hook barbs should be crushed even on small flies to facilitate easy removal. Blackhawk maintains a full line of typical flies in inventory, as well as occasional custom fly tying on site for your convenience. Leaders are also available. We have found that removing hooks from fish with a pair of hemostats while keeping the fish in the water to be the best method of handling caught fish. Nets may be used for a safe release of the trophy Georgia trout.